Non- Members. Post.

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As part of the evolution of the new site we do take soundings from Members and Non-Members. Lot of emails complaining that they have missed out on the introductory offer for various reasons etc. The general consensus as of today particularly from Non-Members is that the current subscription fee of £9.95p is too high.

As of today we are now reducing this to £5.99p per month. This should appease most. Original Members will of course not be effected. So as of today the Membership fee is £5.99p per month.  This will remain until we reach our 1,000 Member target. (Which is terrific value.) Upon which we may/will close subscription then revert to a waiting list.  Those that have signed up at £9.95p per month will have their fees adjusted accordingly. So there’s no need to email in. I have already emailed higher paying Members to inform them of the “Good News” Don’t get left behind  Join up now!