Maxim Barsky 10p or not 10p? join up now!

Join up now!

It’s been a terrific MATRA DAY on the new BMD site. Members are currently enjoying a fantastic ride some are up over 125% others a mere 50%,60%,70%,80%. But the message is the same All our Members are making big gains! With much more to follow. Why because they abandoned the pathetic chat-boards on Interactive Infestor & London South East. Yes there’s no multi-alias posters on the new BMD site. We’ve consistently told every-one to stick with Matra. We’ve been subjected to the abuse from the morons who have emailed/posted blatant bull and disgraceful comments. Where are they now? The mouthy gobshites? I can hear them now trying to think up a rear-guard riposte. Here’s laughing at you with Maxim effect!

When you take on BMD you always lose!