nostra terra. meet the ceo face to face! chat with matt!

Nostra Terra Oil & Gas.  Meet the CEO Matt Lofgran next month November  (a Tuesday) at a FREELUNCH being hosted by the Brokermandaniel website in the City of London. Totally free full luncheon & drinks with a “chat with Matt!” NOVEMBER 2012.

This is your chance to talk face to face with the head honcho of one of the most watched junior oil companys listed on A.I.M!

It’s an excellent opportunity available to Members, Email subscribers & Nostra share-holders or potential investors. You can speak to Matt Lofgran away from the prying eyes of the City of London. In total confidence. It’s your chance to fully understand how this company works & how they plan to move forward your investment!

There’s no such thing as a “Freelunch?” Well there is on the web-site.

It is a to die for opportunity. Book your place now! Places are limited. Contact for further details.



NB.  Re-scheduled at the request of Nostra Terra.