The Sefton Shysters. After your cash now!

Justice4theSefton2Yesterday the corporate fraudsters at Sefton Resources released their much vaunted and trailered Dr Ali Steamflood RNS. Of course when you read it, it was all about ramping up the Ju-Lie production which funnily enough has now been ramped by Ellerton twice this month even though he stated that production data would be announced on a quarterly basis!  This man has no morals and would sell shares to a blind beggar on state benefits.  Sefton Shysters are running around right now trying to sucker in UK Investors.

They are desperate for cash. If you get offered any shares in this company by one of the bucket shop brokers think very carefully.  The discount may look attractive but the reality is that before you can sell the stock they will have plummeted. Don’t become another Sefton sucker. Stay well away. Dr Ali is now in Draft format. Over 3 years for a “DRAFT” PMSL! Read Here

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