Sefton Liar & fraud Jim ellerton!

Justice4theSefton2Ellerton is diluting his share-holders yet again with another draw-down of shares through the Darwin Equity Finance facility.

The drawdown begun on the 5th August so news will be released of the massive dilution this week! I pity the poor saps that bought into the last EFF dilution at 1.10p. It’s the last gasp grasp for cash from this thoroughly unwholesome Toad.

Now remember the Liar is currently on the back foot regarding his disgraceful criminal conduct in the Gary Dillabaugh V John J Ellerton depositions where conclusive proof of Ellerton’s frauds has been released today.

You can read all about the disgraceful fraud perpetrated on Sefton Share-holders by clicking HERE.

The link to the explosive 105 page Deposition can be viewed HERE

It is game over for this Crook.