Vape flavors can make unpleasant new chemicals in your e-liquid

THC Vape Juice? Legal Hashish Vape Lounge? Are You Kidding Me?
Yes, these two concepts were exactly that only concepts less than a number of years ago. Now the reality that THC is made into easy in order to vape juice and you will spend time and enjoy cannabis in a public vape lay are a reality!

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Two things have the marijuana industry buzzing right now. The first is the advent of THC Vape Juice and the second reason is the first legal cannabis vape lay. We captured some live footage of patrons enjoying THC e-juice and the social atmosphere of the catching a buzz at the first legal vape lounge in the us thc vape juice.

The THC Vape juice that the patrons were enjoying was made using Wax Liquidizer. The process of creating your own cannabis combined e-liquid is a really simple process. The 3 step process to vaping either THC or CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT infused vape juice is as follows. We uses THC as our example in making vape drink.

Decide on a Cannabis Concentrate for your vape juice. A great Indica or sativa will work equally well. The main point is that the concentrate contains no raw plant matter. Feel, Shatter, Distillates, Honey Natural oils, Rick Simpson Oil will all work great. Steer clear of Hash, Keif and Bubble Hash as most of these contain raw plant matter and raw plant matter will not liquidize.

Choose the flavor of Wax Liquidizer you need use for your THC Vape Juice. The Original Flavor is tasteless and suitable for the put emphasis connoisseur to take pleasure from the natural flavors of the stress of concentrate they desire. Flavors include Pineapple, Blood, Grape, Banana, Blueberry and Ice Hit.

Combine one gram of concentrate with 2mililiters of Wax Liquidizer in a microwave safe container. Microwave for twelve seconds and stir until all concentrate is completely infused to a fresh state. It truly is that easy!
Now that you have created the flavor and strain of your own custom THC Vape Drink it’s time to vape. As you can see in the video the THC vape juice made using Wax Liquidizer was used in simple low cost small disposable cartridges vape pens to the Trademark and Patented Negative Penny Vape system included at the Vape Lay.

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