Answering Questions Can Be Hard, But Truth and Dare Questions Are Fun to Ask and Answer

Answering questions can stir up any mood starting from anger to laughter. However, this highly depends on the kind of questions one is answering. If they are questions from a far-reaching parent or employer for that matter, they can be no fun at all. These questions are demanding for an answer that will come as an explanation and one just hopes the answer you give does not invite another question. Explaining yourself to someone especially about something that you did and it just turned out to be wrong is never fun. Truth or dare questions are exactly the opposite of that. They are fun to ask and answer and it is a superb way to interact with people and friends. This game is played by all kinds of people, and it does not have any age limits. The questions are asked between guys of the same age group because it will only be fun if the people in that group are comfortable with each other.

When you are gathered as a group and no one is willing to start conversations with the group as a whole, truth or dare questions over text will come in handy. The group must, first of all, agree to participate in the game entirely. They should also answer the questions in an honest way. This way it becomes even more fun. So long as the questions that you are asking do not go to the extremes of someone’s personal life, you will keep it as much fun as possible. Everybody in the group should be given a chance to ask any other person in the group a question, and this goes all around until everybody has had their share of fun.

The group should plan for this in advance and come up with the best and most fun truth or dare questions. The game keeps the group enjoying, and the gathering does not become boring at all. When everyone is seated around the camp fire, ask them to participate in the game but only if they are comfortable with it. It is a good way to pass the time, and it is fun too. Good truth or dare questions that are general and not so personal are the best in this kind of gathering. Remember not everyone will be comfortable with the others, and if you make it a little less private, they will agree to participate. The questions should be general and not very personal. Remember it will be fun only if people answer honestly. Otherwise, if the questions are too personal, it is most unlikely that you will get any honest answer, and this steals the fun out of it.

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