Take advantage of job search agents on job boards

If you have spent some time on career boards, you may have noticed that each time you search for a job, you are given the option to set up that particular search as a job agent. What this means to the savvy job seeker is that you can set up these job agents and then let the job boards work for you by sending you email updates when job posting site in your area of interest. This is a helpful time saver and will prevent you from missing out on new opportunities.

Use an online resume blasting service.

For some job seekers, spending hours trying to send out resumes can become a frustrating endeavor. The Internet has made it possible for online job seekers to take advantage of a service called resume blasting which essentially sends out hundreds of copies of your resume directly to companies that are hiring. For a small fee, you can reach many more employers in short order.

Combine online and conventional job searches.

For the best results when using online job search companies to find a job, combine your online efforts with more conventional career search methods. Take the time to read through local and industry publications to learn more about companies hiring. Send out resumes both by email and by snail mail to these companies to improve your chances of getting hired in the near future.

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