Hair Care Rules

Trim regularly

(1) To make you look better, get a hair cut every four to six weeks for men and for ladies six to eight weeks.
(2) Short hair needs regular maintenance to retain style.
(3) Long hair tend to get split ends so trimming is essential


Don’t try your own colour mixtures at home.

(1) Experiment with a colour that matches your hair colour.
(2) Take expert advice
(3) Read and follow instruction carefully for applying hair colour
(4) Highlights should be focused around the face.


Be Gentle with hair.

(1) When your hair is wet it stretched and snaps more easily than dry hair
(2) After taking a head bath do not comb immediately.
(3) Use a wide tooth comb to untangle.
(4) Use the comb starting upwards going to the ends.
(5) While drying your hair with a neither towel nor scrub madly.
(6) Gently squeeze the water out of your wet with your hands than use a towel.


Do not make a big change before a function

(1) Never cut or colour your hair dramatically (extremely) with in ten days of an event
(2) In case you have to colour your hair on a very urgent basis then do a trail with a single strands of hair.

Rule# 5

Do not copy style of film stars

(1) Don’t hate your hairs if it doesn’t look camera-ready.

Rule# 6

Try home remedies

Rule # 7

Try different things.

(1) Change your hair style
(2) Change your hair colour after taking expert advice.
(3) Change your partition


Don’t change your style when you are bad mood.

(1) It will take mouths to grow your hair back again and you would feel miserable


Try and live with whatever you have

(1) You want to have a life don’t spend standing in front if a mirror.
(2) Instead of changing the natural look feel texture of your hair try to get look with a different hair cut.

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