Accept a Job Offer

You establish a career purpose when you have a set of goals, establish priorities for those goals, create a timeline for completion of the top priorities, and develop a proactive working plan. Having a purpose means that you are in control of your career, even when you have to make decisions out of necessity, and that sense of control will allow you to stay focused. You need to decide what is right for your career as you are involved in the job search – but don’t talk yourself into something. oferty pracy Instead, learn to make informed decisions based upon your priorities and goals.

More importantly, when you accept a job offer, accept it for what it is now and act as if this is the best it will ever be. I know of too many people who have accepted a job offer that wasn’t a good fit, often out of extreme circumstances, and then talk themselves into believing it will become better somehow in the future. That is usually not a good way to start a new job as it may create tension and negative feelings. If you are considering a job offer, do your homework and research all possible sources – including online employee reviews. This will help to establish realistic expectations and minimize the possibility of being surprised if you find out the job was not what you had expected. You can accept a job that isn’t perfect, just be certain you understand why you have accepted it and what you plan to do next for your career.

Dr. Bruce A. Johnson has expertise in higher education administration, adult education, distance learning, online teaching, faculty development, curriculum development, instructional design, organizational learning and development, career coaching, and resume writing.

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